So another video done, this would be the third one, meaning we are in this for the long hall. The topic for today is expanding our comfort zone.

It’s is weird to think we are talking about comfort zones, filming and putting it on youtube when we still feel weird/awkward being on camera.

We take 15 minutes to decide how to say hello and introduce the task for today. Putting so much thought into how we wave at the world.

Now, you might think this is silly but trust us a lot of thought can go into a wave, do you do a standard side to side, a big welcoming one handed native Indian Hao or an excited floppy fish hand wave (you’ll be surprised this is our usual wave).

15 minutes waved out and tired of distracting ourselves we decide to press record and jump straight into it. To actually focus on what our message is, getting out of the comfort zone.

Realisation sets as we record that this is the perfect message for today, subconsciously we were distracting ourselves, putting little trivial obstacles in the way of expanding to achieve our goals. Concerned with how others may perceive our welcome and feeling uncomfortable being on camera. It’s easy to do really, we all do it sometimes without realising.

We did the third video, uploaded it and embraced the art of feeling comfortable being uncomfortable.

By J & R